Rajasthan judicial service-rjs Syllabus 2023 || English और hindi में

Rajasthan judicial service (rjs) Syllabus 2023 || English और hindi में

Rajasthan  judicial  service  (rjs) preliminary  exam 

Scheme of Preliminary Examination :rjs-syllabus

Part Subject No. of Questions Marks   Time
(1) LAW 100 100 2 Hours
(2) हिंदी Proficiency
(3)  English Proficiency

Note :
1. All questions will be objective multiple choice type.
2. There will be no negative marking.



Same as prescribed for Law Paper I & II for Main

Hindi Proficiency
i. शब्द रचना : सन्न्ि एवं सन्न्ि हवच्छेद, समास उपसगग, प्रत्यय।
ii. शब्द प्रकार : (क) तत्सम, अर्द्गतत्सम, तद्भव, देशज, हवदेशी।
(ख) संज्ञा, सवगनाम, हवशेषण, हिया, अव्यय (हिया, हवशेषण,
सम्बन्ि सूचक, हवस्मयबोिक हनपात)।
iii. शब्द ज्ञान : पयागयवाची, हवलोम, शब्द युग्मों का अर्ग भेद,
वाकयांश के ललए सार्गक शब्द, समश्रुत भभन्नार्गक शब्द,
समानार्ी शब्दों का हववेक, उपयुक्त शब्द चयन, सम्बन्िवाची
iv. शब्द शुद्धर्द्।
v. व्याकरभणक कोटियाँ : परसगग, ललिंग, वचन, पुरुष, काल, वृलि
(mood) पक्ष (Aspect), वाच्य (Voice)।
vi. वाकय रचना।
vi. वाकय शुद्धर्द्।
viii. हवराम चचन्हों का प्रयोग।
ix. मुहावरे / लोकोलक्तयाँ।
x. पाररभाहषक शब्दावली : प्रशासहनक, हवचिक (हवशेषत:)।

English Proficiency
i. Tenses
ii. Articles and Determiners
iii. Phrasal Verbs and ldioms
iv. Active & Passive Voice
v. Co-ordination & Subordination
vi. Direct and lndirect Speech
vii. Modals expressing various concepts-
(Obligation, Request, Permission, Prohibition,
lntention, Condition, Probability, Possibility,
Purpose, Reason, Companions, Contrast)
viii. Antonyms and Synonyms.


Rajasthan Judicial Service (RJS)
Main Exam

Scheme of Main Examination :

Part Subject Paper Marks Time (hours)
(1) LAW
Law Paper-I 100 3
Law Paper-II 100 3
(2) Language
Paper-I Hindi Essay 50 2
Paper-II English Essay 50 2
(3) lnterview – 35 –

Law Paper-I
Code of Civil Procedure,1908, The Constitution of
lndia, tndian Contract Act, 1872, The lndian
Evidence Act, 1872, The Limitation Act, 1963, The
Specific Relief Act, 1963, The Transfer of Property
Act, 1882, lnterpretation of Statues, The Rajasthan
Rent Control Act, 2001, Order/Judgment Writing.
Law Paper-II
The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973, The indian
Evidence Act, 1872, The indian penal Code, 1860,
The Juvenile Justice (Care and protection of
Children) Act, 2015, The Negotiable lnstruments
Act, 1881 (Chapter XVII), The probation of
Offenders Act, 1958, Protection of Women from
Domestic Violence Act, 2005, The lndecent
Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act, 1986,
The protection of Children from Sexual Offences
Act, 2012, The Sexual Harassment of Women at
Workplace (prevention, prohibition and Redressal)
Act, 2013, Framing of Charge /Judgment Writing.
(a) Paper-I Hindi Essay
Essay Writing in Hindi Language.
(b) Paper-II English Essay
Essay Writing in English Language.


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